May Renters Rising Newsletter

Renters Rising
May Renters Rising Newsletter

Hello to all of our members, allies and supporters!

As our communities continue to grapple with these uncertain times, renters are rising up across the country to protect and defend our homes and neighbors. In the face of steadily mounting debt, a possible end to the already limited federal eviction moratorium, and corporate landlords across the country eager to make even more of a profit — our member organizations are fighting on local and state levels for rent cancellation, increased resources, and protections to keep people in our homes.

Not too long after President Biden just passed his 100th day in office, there is still so much work to be done to stabilize our communities and prioritize people over profit now, and for generations to come. As part of the Green New Deal Network, Right To The City Alliance is excited to uplift the recently launched THRIVE Agenda. In this moment of overlapping crises, the THRIVE Agenda presents a bold economic renewal plan that puts millions of people back to work building a more just, healthy, and equitable society. Learn more about the THRIVE agenda and take action.  

The Right To The City Alliance knows we must continue to ground our work in the leadership of local grassroots organizing that grows people power, makes demands, and wins solutions grounded in the needs of our communities. Tenants Union of Washington State recently won Right to Counsel and ONE DC is celebrating the new tenant relief funding that will support renters with rent and utility bill relief in Washington, DC. Our member organizations are also building deeper relationships through political education and base building, because the struggle for liberation continues.

RTTC Commitment to Language Justice/ Compromiso de justicia lingüística ⛳️

Encantado de traerle otro boletín para miembros, lleno de próximos eventos, horarios de reuniones e información, victorias de miembros y oportunidades laborales. La copia en español del boletín de miembros está abajo. A medida que aumentamos nuestro compromiso con las necesidades de justicia lingüística, crearemos prácticas de comunicación sostenibles.

NOTA: RTTC/HFA están comprometides con todas las ramas de la justicia social. Como tal, respetando la justicia de identidad de género, este boletín está escrito en lenguaje inclusivo en español. Encontrarás palabras que usualmente terminan en “o” o “a” terminando en “e” en este documento. Para más  información sobre el lenguaje inclusivo en español, ve aquí.

RTTC is committed to language justice by prioritizing everyone’s right to communicate in the language that is most comfortable. We will continue to build practices to strengthen our ability to meet the needs of those in our communities.

Member Highlights

In Washington State, the Tenants Union of Washington State passed legislation in support of Just Cause AND Right to Counsel in the last few weeks. NYC Right To Counsel also just won Right to Counsel recently. S/O to the fearless members at TUWS for continuing to apply pressure on officials. This is a really big win!!!!!!!

Check out this breakdown of the legislation!

Photo from TUWS IG: @Tenantsunionwa

The GiveBIG may be over, but there are still ways to support the TUWS. Donate to the Tenants Union to keep people housed and safe!

Current News

Earlier this month, a Trump-appointed U.S. District Judge struck down the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s federal eviction moratorium on the grounds that the CDC exceeded its authority under the Public Health Service Act. Check out this statement from Right To The City Alliance in response:

Renters and Homeowners Sound the Alarm as Millions Face Eviction After Trump-appointed Judge Strikes Down Moratorium

Neither federal or local moratoriums offer our communities the real protection we need to build community-led housing models. We want evictions to stop, and we also want families already experiencing conditions of climate change and unpaid wages to impact our access to housing. In order to prevent the growing increase of an eviction crisis, the Biden administration must act now.

“Justice Looks Like Abolition”: A Minneapolis Organizer on the Chauvin Verdict

Abolitionist organizers in Minneapolis share what a guilty verdict means for our communities and why abolition must happen now. In These Times spoke with Miski Noor, co-founder of Black Visions Collective — a Minneapolis-based abolitionist organization — about the significance of the Chauvin verdict in the fight for racial justice. Read here.

(Photo by Kerem Yucel/AFP via Getty Images)

Red, Black & Green New Deal Launch

M4BL believes Black communities deserve to own and access land, breathe clean air, use clean water, live away from environmental health hazards imposed on us by big corporations—and to have a say in important decisions that impact our daily lives and futures. What do you believe? Click HERE to learn more.


RTTC 2015 Walk down Memory Lane

This issue we are highlighting a 2015 direct action photo.

Photo from Right To Remain action in Boston from 2015 with the Chinese Progressive Association for housing rights.

Catch our Members & RTTC in Media

  • Memphis Tenant Union is featured in this article, highlighting what the federal ban denial means for renters in Tennessee. Read here.
  • Met Council on Housing, member Candida Uraga is featured in this video discussing the $100 million in federal aid money for rental relief that NY state received and only spent $40 million of the total funds. Associated Press- NY struggles to get rent relief to hurting tenants. Watch here.
  • Checkout RTTCs Executive Director, Dawn Phillips in this Associated Press article, After court nixes eviction ban, race is on for federal help. Read here.

Until Next Time

The 90 member organizations fighting for housing and land justice that make up Right To The City Alliance will continue to build grassroots power, fight against false solutions to the housing crisis, and make strides towards our vision of homes for all. While corporate landlords fight against the eviction moratoriums and other renter protections that have stopped them from displacing millions, we are fighting for more renter protections on state and local levels in addition to finding opportunities to make interventions on federal funds meant to stabilize our communities. As the summer approaches, with the threat of evictions continuing to increase without substantial solutions, we are fortifying ourselves across the country to take action, protect our neighbors and loved ones against the violence of evictions, and work to build communities that put people over profit.

“When I dare to be powerful,
to use my strength in the service of my vision,
then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”
-Audre Lorde

-In solidarity,
Right to The City Alliance