National Organizer for Infrastructure and Executive Support

Oli Naimi


Oli is from a working-class suburb south of Detroit, Michigan. After doing improv theater in prisons for a few years with the Sisters Within Theater Troupe, developing organizing skills with Michigan Student Power Network, and working on Covid-related Mutual aid and No Rent work in Michigan, they moved to the Bay Area to get some sunshine and perspective. They come to organizing grounded in prison abolition, mutual aid, healing/transformative justice, creative arts, and disability justice. They are passionate about finding ways to make organizing fun, accessible, and effective. Based in the East Bay Area, Oli is busy trying out backpacking, biking, and roller skating for the first time, reading (speculative fiction), dancing with and without music, and staying curious. Little things that make Oli happy are tendrils on plants, decrystalizing honey, and crisping wilted celery. They love to cook, and they love to share.

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