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In 2016 the Right To The City & The Renter Nation are RISING UP to fight back and win critical battles to Reclaim Our Cities, Remain in Our Homes and Rebuild our Communities!

Across the country, #HomesForAll groups are launching visionary campaigns fight gentrification and ensure that our cities are developed without displacement! Together we’re lighting the path and leading the fight to win alternatives to gentrification in our cities.

Join organizers & practitioners from around the country to learn about and discuss critical new tools for fighting back against gentrification and ensuring development WITHOUT displacement in our cities! Each Webinar Training will feature presentations from Homes For All partner organizations moving bold new campaigns and introduce participants to toolkits for launching campaigns in your own communities!

Check out the past episodes below:

Episode 1: Rolling out #RentControl


Episode 2: Winning #JustCause Eviction Protections

In our second installment of the #RenterNation Online Training Series, organizers from Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Oregon lift up growing efforts to put an end to evictions that have no just cause!

Winning #JustCause Eviction protections is a critical fight for stemming the eviction epidemic and providing relief for our communities as we continue the fight to win #HomesForAll and win long-term community controlled affordable housing that is for people and not profit.

Boston, MA:
Darnell Johnson, Right to the City Boston
Maria Cristina Blanco, City Life Vida Urbana

Portland, Oregon:
Katrina Holland, Community Alliance of Tenants,
Justin Buri, Community Alliance of Tenants

Check out the online training and the toolkit at

Episode 3: Winning Community Control through Community Land Trusts

Episode 3 of the #RenterNation Training Series features 5 powerful organizations across the country utilizing Community Land Trusts and other alternative models of land & housing to gain collective control over community resources to win & create affordable housing, local food production, create jobs and more. Presenters are: from Cooperation Jackson/Fannie Lou Hamer CLT, Centro Autónomo de Albany Park/Casas Del Pueblo CLT, Women’s Community Revitilizaton Project, Storehouse of Hope CLT / Detroit People’s Platform, and Picture The Homeless!

Episode 4: National Dialogue with Matthew Desmond and HFA on the Eviction Epidemic

May 18, 2016 – NY Times best-selling author and MacArthur Genius Award winner Matthew Desmond ( joined Homes For All for a national dialogue on the Eviction Epidemic and solutions to Mass Displacement.

Homes For All’s powerful leaders Deborah Arnold from the Housing Justice League ( in Atlanta and Melonie Griffiths from City Life/Vida Urbana ( & Mass Jobs w/ Justice shared insight into their own experiences with eviction, resistance and leading the fight against mass displacement.

For more information see

Episode 5: Withholding Rent To Fight Unaffordable Rent Increases

Check out materials and resources from Episode 5 at:

Episode 6: Just Utilities – Organizing For Solutions to the Household Energy Crisis

Episode 6 of the #RenterNation Training Series features organizers, leaders and researches from Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson to talk about their groundbreaking new report “Just Utilities: Organizing for solutions to the household energy crisis” and their organizing model to build a base of working class and people color leadership through utility justice organizing that fights shutoffs in the immediate, works toward structural policy change in the intermediate and is building interesectional movements to seek long-term transformation of systems to win racial, economic and environmental justice.