Who we are

We are a national alliance of more than 90 community-based racial, economic, gender & environmental justice organizations growing grassroots power to halt gentrification and displacement, and build democratic, just, and sustainable communities.

Our members

Our member organizations organize in 45 cities and 26 states to weave together local base-building, organizing, and policy campaigns to defend our neighborhoods and build a robust and unstoppable movement to reclaim, remain in, and rebuild our communities.

Our vision for the future

We have a vision for a different world than the one we live in now.

A world in which people have control over our land, housing, and resources in our communities. One where none of us has to choose between food, medicine, or a roof over our family’s head. 

We believe in a future where our neighbors live in peace. Our kids can walk around and play safely, and we all feel proud to live in the place we call home.

Our vision is rooted in the belief that housing is a human right, not a commodity to maximize profit. We believe it is possible to create a just housing system in which everyone has affordable and dignified homes.

Our mission

Right to the City Alliance (RTTC) emerged in 2007 with a strong and powerful vision to 1) halt the displacement of low-income people, Black, Indigenous, and people of color, LGBTQ communities, and youth of color, and 2) protect and expand affordable housing in tandem with a broader movement to build democratic, just, and sustainable communities.  

Since its inception, Right to the City has quickly grown to encompass over 90 community-based racial, economic, gender, and environmental justice organizations located in 26 states and 45 cities. Representing true grassroots power and leadership of the most impacted, RTTC’s member organizations weave together local on-the-ground organizing, policy, and advocacy campaigns to build a robust and unstoppable national movement for inclusive, healthy housing and community development.

our movement is powered by people: FOr us, by us.

OUR core values & PRINCIPLES

Mutual Care & Respect


Each One, Teach One


Grassroots Democracy


Collective Action


We Get Free Together



OUR People

RTTC member organizations are led by communities & people on the frontlines of the crises we face.

We organize in Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, Arab and people of color communities and build the power of renters and working class homeowners most directly impacted by the housing crisis. We work in restaurants, schools, domestic work and retail stores. We are mothers, fathers, children, and grandparents.

We believe that the communities most directly impacted must lead our movement and that our movement and future will be strongest when the people who have seen and felt the impacts of the crisis first hand are uncovering the strategy and leading the path towards transforming ourselves, our homes, our communities and our world. 

OUR Strategy

To win our vision of the world we seek to build will require a long-term strategy and building multiple forms of power to organize mass political power of our people, change the dominant narrative, win the ability to govern our own communities, build strong united fronts and transform the systems of cis-heteropatriarchy & white supremacy.

Right to the City uses a translocal organizing model and unites with other movement organizations to amplify the power of deeply-rooted local organizing to build the collective power we need to win our transformative vision & goals.

Through translocal committees and regional hubs our members unite to learn from each other, develop shared campaigns, and build movement-powered infrastructure to halt evictions, reclaim land, and win development without displacement & gentrification.

Through local and national political training and deep relationships, RTTC is growing the capacity of local organizations to build power, training a new generation of transformative organizers, and practicing member-led, grassroots democracy through our assembly model to guide our strategy.

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