The People Have Decided & Won!

The People Have Decided & Won!

The people have decided and won! We fought, organized and voted to protect ourselves from the tyranny of a fascist regime. Black, Indigenous & People of Color-led organizations came together to show our power.

The fact that elected officials who won by the skin of their teeth, with only our communities to thank, have immediately defaulted to the same dismissive and centrist messaging that kept them on the edge of defeat all year shows that we have more work to do and more fights to win.

It is crucial that we immediately check any challenges to the impact, power, and clear demands of the communities that have been on the frontlines of not only the long-standing housing crisis, but also COVID-19, unemployment, climate change, and state-sanctioned violence. Our communities aren’t just most impacted, but our people are the ones visioning, creating, and consistently uplifting the clear demands to lead us towards the healthy, safe & thriving communities we all deserve.

With millions of renters and their families facing insurmountable debt and evictions at the end of the year, and a new administration rolling in, we know grassroots organizing, base building, mutual aid, and strategies that unite the housing justice movement with other frontline forces will be vital for us to win. From the Housing Justice National Platform, to A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy, to The Thrive Agenda, to The BREATHE Act, to The People’s Charter let’s keep fighting, and let’s keep winning. When it comes down to it, we have shown and proven that the people have the power to decide, and the people have the power to win!