Director of Resource Development

Alia Trindle


Born in Lancaster PA, Alia grew up in the sticks of Maryland and is passionate about connecting rural and urban communities for social change. With over 15 years in racial and economic justice work, Alia has engaged in a mix of organizing and fundraising, with a stint in labor where she won five union organizing campaigns in one year helping to bring 2600 healthcare workers into the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses & Allied Professionals. For the past decade, Alia has been a trainer with Catalyst Project leading anti-racist political education with majority white social movement groups.  She originally comes out of RTTC/Homes For All member organization Causa Justa :: Just Cause, where she fell even more deeply in love with community organizing while serving as the Development Coordinator for four years.  An accidental fundraiser, Alia is passionate about building people’s organizations and moving resources to frontline struggles. Nerdy by nature, Alia is in a lifelong struggle to read more fiction.

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