Associate Director for Communications

Kamau Walton


Kamau was born in Dayton, OH and grew up as the second of four kids in a military family. They are a queer, gender non-confirming abolitionist. Following the US Social Forum in 2010, Kamau came into organizing in earnest as a member of the Oakland Chapter of Critical Resistance. As part of CR & the Stop the Injunctions Coalition, they waged & won their first ever campaign after 5 years of struggle to stop gang injunctions in Oakland. They also were a part of campaigns to fight jail expansion, end solitary confinement & defund police militarization trainings in the Bay Area. More recently, they’ve been part of several Black organizing formations including the Black Lives Matter Bay Area Chapter & the Movement for Black Lives. Kamau joined Right To The City after working at TGI Justice Project, where they were fortunate to be able to amplify the voices, politics & brilliance of trans women of color directly impacted by policing & imprisonment. After 10 transformative years in Oakland, they’re excited to continue growing as an organizer and building community in Philadelphia, PA. Kamau’s free time is filled with herbal medicine, reading Black sci-fi, gardening & cooking food that’s so good it hopefully moves someone else to do the dishes for them. They do their best to ride their bike daily, stretch & stay hydrated.

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