National Organizer for Communications

Matt Howard


Matt was raised in Portland, Oregon and also spent significant parts of his adolescence in the Southwest and in the deep South where both his parents are originally from. At 17, Matt enlisted in the Marine Corps, where he spent 5 years and deployed twice to Iraq as a helicopter mechanic. Matt’s experience overseas guarding Iraqi laborers and witnessing the impact of U.S. imperialism firsthand was deeply politicizing and led him to his political home, now known as About Face: Veterans Against the War. Matt became a member, spent time organizing active duty soldiers, and eventually became a staff member of the organization, leaving after 7 years as a Co-Director. Matt has been fortunate to organize in solidarity with different peoples’ movements across the country, including with the It Takes Roots Alliance where he first met Right to the City. He is excited to bring his experience with narrative strategy work from the anti-militarism movement into the housing justice sector. Matt enjoys cooking gumbo, reading comic books, being sarcastic, and being in community. He is based in Philadelphia, PA.

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